Welcome to Broward Student Government!

Student Government on the Broward Campuses includes an executive and legislative branch and a member of the University-wide judicial branch.

The executive branch is comprised of the Office of the Governor for the Broward Campuses which includes the cabinet positions of Chief of Staff, Student Treasurer, and Director of Marketing.  In addition, the Executive branch includes the program areas of OWL Productions , Council of Student Organizations, Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement , and the Broward Graduate Council.  It is the aim of each of these program areas to serve all of the Broward campuses which includes Davie, Fort Lauderdale, and Dania (Sea Tech).

To Read About Broward Governor: John Cordero Click Here

Welcome to Florida Atlantic University, Broward Campuses.

 My name is John Cordero and I’m the student body governor for the 2012-13 school year. I am honored yet humbled by this great opportunity to represent the students of Broward as well as FAU. You are joining over 6,000 students striving for academic enrichment, social enhancement and meaningful employment. For those of you searching to compliment your studies, Student Government provides funding for multiple student-run departments such as Broward Program Board, The Council of Student Organizations, OWL TV, University Press and S.A.V.I. We also have various clubs that you can join and programs throughout the semester to take part in. We also have various student employment opportunities throughout the year. I hope you will make FAU Broward a second home. I know with your input and ideas, we can make that happen. Let’s continue to make waves. GO OWLS!

Chief of Staff: Celito Dorsainvil, 954-236-1546cdorsain@fau.edu

Treasurer:Kettya Amarai, 954-236-1277

Marketing Director:Patrick Peng, 954-236-1546

The legislative branch on the Broward campuses is comprised of the Broward House of Representatives, a twelve member House elected by the Broward student body during general elections.

House Speaker: Alexander Newton, Anewton9@fau.edu, 954-236-1255, SD 216

Speaker Pro Tempore: Patricia Trueblood


The Broward Campuses also have two Senators:


The Broward Campuses Associate Justice of the Student Court: Paul Davidson, pdavids6@fau.edu

Broward Student Government has the following executive branch programs:

Broward Council of Student Organizations (COSO )

The mission of Broward COSO is to provide an opportunity for students with common interests to form membership groups, provide educational experiences, and practical knowledge of self-government.  Broward COSO guides student clubs and organizations through the policies and procedures necessary to establish and maintain registered clubs and organizations and provides a communication link between students and organizations on campus.

COSO Director: Currently Vacant

Program Board

OP is a program of Broward Student Government that coordinates and promotes campus activities to enhance student life.  From lectures to special events, OWL Productions takes learning beyond the classroom.  Its mission is to provide educational and social activities that will enrich the college experience for students at FAU Broward Campuses.  Diversity is the central theme for programming and events and will be co-curricular with classroom learning.  In OP we embrace " Education Thru Entertainment”!

Program Board Director:  Steven Hope, 954-236-1251 browardprogramboard@fau.edu  

Program Board Coordinators: Zainab Adebiyi, Zadebiyi@fau.edu and Dunja Fairclough, Dfaircl2@fau.edu


Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement (SAVI):

Getting the college experience not only involves going to class and participating in events, it is also about volunteering.  What better way to get involved than to give back.  SAVI has continuous drives such as blood, toys, and clothing drives.  We host volunteer opportunities for those students who are eager to give back to the community and help those in need.

Director: Stephanie Lacoude, 954-236-1183 slacoude@fau.edu

Coordinator: Aarona Sampson        


Broward Graduate Council (BGC), a member of the University-wide Graduate Student Association:

The Graduate & Professional Student Association works to provide greater communication and resources for graduate students at FAU’s Broward campuses. 

The GPSA’s mission is to advocate the interests of Broward graduate students, host cultural, academic and networking events for graduate students, and work together with other organizations to strengthen the FAU graduate student community.

Christina Fermin, Associate Director, 954-762-5615

Cynthia Gutierrez, Program Coordinator, 954-762-5261

our e-mail is gsabroward@fau.edu


Student Assistants

Dean Herskovitz                             

Tamara Folsom

Broward Student Government also contributes funding for students who need day care at the Davie Child Care Center.


We are Broward Student Government.  We are a unique set of campuses at FAU and we take pride in who we are.  We look forward to the challenges ahead to get more creative and meet the needs of our non-traditional students from junior transfers to single moms returning to school to full-time employees trying to make a better future for themselves.  We are here for them because they deserve the full college experience.  So come join our team and get involved!

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