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Graduate & Professional Student Association Travel


Student Travel Procedure Agreement
One form must be completed by every traveler each academic year

The student travel policy is subject to the standardized guidelines, requirements, and procedures with regard to University Regulations and Policies for travel using the following funding sources: Activity and Services (A & S) fees, Revenues, and Auxiliary fund within the Division of Student Affairs. The student travel policy is also incorporated by reference in the University Regulation 4.006 Student Government and Student Organizations (number 10) Student Organization’s Event Management and Travel Policy and University Regulations and Policies that govern travel by the University Controller’s Office and SG Accounting and Budget Office. This policy, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Office, or Student Travel Committee do not provide or grant funding for travel.


  1. The student or student organization must seek and submit for travel funds through the appropriate funding board or department at least four (4) weeks prior to the when travel is needed. The appropriate department will assist the student and student organization by obtaining the following information on these forms: Student Travel Procedure Agreement (Only once per academic year), Student Travel Code of Conduct Liability Form and Request to Travel Form which can be found on the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students website at:

  2. All travel arrangements must be made through Marathon Travel, unless the individual or student organization can show, in writing, that they have received a lower price for service with another carrier or provider. It must be compared with the Marathon Travel quote and submitted as part of this form and application.

  3. Upon obtaining approve for travel funds by the funding board, the travel requests forms must be submitted to Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Office by the appropriate department prior to when travel is needed. This includes requests for all checks and purchases for airfare, hotel lodging, registration fees, vehicle rental, mileage, etc. All requests must be pre-approved, prior to the travel.

    Gather the following information for Travel(Refer to Request to Travel Form):
    Travelers’ email, phone number and address
    Hotel Reservation Information and Cost
    Airline or Car Rental Reservation Information from Vendor
     Any other costs (i.e. parking, tolls, registration fees, meals, mileage or fuel expenses for drivers, etc.)
    Agenda and/or Program for Conference, Convention, Workshop or Seminar

  4. The University-wide Student Travel Committee will review and make a decision on the travel request within 2 business days. The decision by the Student Travel Committee may be appealed in writing, within five (5) academic days, from the date of the notification letter. Appeals must be submitted to Senior Vice President for Student Affairs or designee for consideration.\

  5. Within 5 business days of your return, schedule an appointment (561-297-6775) to submit all original documentation and related travel documents to the SG Accounting and Budget Office located in Student Union, building SS 8 room 226, or appropriate office/department. For reimbursement purposes, receipts must show the method of payment and attach documentation for verification of such expenses.

  6. Students upon return from student travel must showcase or make a presentation on what they learn at an academic/ professional development conferences decided by the designated/representative office.

  7. University funds only authorize payment of room cost and related taxes (out of state travel). No personal telephone calls, movies, meals, room service, or any other charges are to be paid by university funds. Payment of personal charges must be paid to the lodging facility prior to your departure, as FAU is not responsible.

    Failure to comply by the above policies and procedures may result in the following:
    Hold Student Record
    Freeze Student Organization Account

Removal of these Holds will occur after appropriate travel documents are complete and travelers have abided by the above listed policies and procedures.

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