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Boca Raton House Legislation 6th Legislative Session


BRHB - 12-01: "Writing Center Printer"
BRHB - 12-02: "FAU Spells Out Event"
BRHB - 12-03: "Leaving a Legacy"
BRHB - 12-04: "Florida Atlantic University 50th Anniversary mascot Preservation"
BRHB - 12-05: "Night Owls Golf Carts"
BRHB - 12-06: "New Printer for Student Government"
BRHB - 12-08: " Boca Raton Campus Budget Allocations 2012-2013 Fiscal Year"
BRHB - 12-09: "FAU Paintball Club Refund for National Tournament"
BRHB - 12-10: "Dare To Be Prepared"
BRHB - 12-11: "FAU Army ROTC Request"
BRHB - 12-13: "Duties and Powers of the Student Body President"
BRHB - 12-14: " Removing Multicultural Programming 2011-2012 Riders"
BRHB - 12-15: "700 House Statutes"
BRHB - 12-16: "Last Minute Spending"


BRHR - 12-01: "Be More Open to Students"
BRHR - 12-02: "Standing for Students"
BRHR - 12-03: "Stand Against the Green Fee"
BRHR - 12-05: "Preserving a Landmark"
BRHR - 12-06: "Students Need a Microwave for the Breeze Way"
BRHR - 12-07: "New Study Building for the Boca Campus"
BRHR - 12-08: "Repeal Stand Your Ground"
BRHR - 12-09: "Protect and Acknowledge Gender Identity at FAU"
BRHR - 12-10: "Thank You Heather Bishara"



Boca Raton House Legislation 7th Legislative Session



BRHB - 12-01: "Student Juried Art Exhibition"
BRHB - 12-02: "Extended Exam Week Library Hours"

BRHB - 12-03: " All Night Study Lounge Renovation"

BRHB - 12-04: "Breezeway Food Court Microwave"






BRHR - 12-02: "Walk with Ease"



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