Marylou Naumoff


Marylou Naumoff
Ph.D. Wayne State University

Email: mnaumoff@fau.edu
Areas of Expertise:

Marylou R. Naumoff received her PhD in Communication from Wayne State University and her MA and BA in Communication from the University of Cincinnati. She has been teaching in the area of Speech, Communication, and Rhetoric for thirteen years. Her areas of interest are Contemporary Rhetoric, Cultural Studies, and Feminist theory. Her current research focuses on the intersection of masculinity, race, and national identity. Marylou has been an instructor at Florida Atlantic University since 2012 and her teaching interests include Classical and Contemporary Rhetoric, Rhetorical Criticism, Popular Culture, and Aesthetics.

Recent Publications

Naumoff, Marylou R. and Erika M. Thomas. “Disturbances to Certainty: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Legality of the Pregnant Man.” Disturbing Argument, Selected Works of the Eighteenth NCA/AFA Summer Conference on Argumentation. Ed. Catherine H. Palczewski. New York: Taylor & Francis.

Recent Presentations

Naumoff, Marylou. “Theorizing the Unimaginable: Complicating the Presence of our Past by Addressing the Need for an Improbable Theory of Rhetoric.” National Communication Association Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, November 2014.

Naumoff, Marylou. “Resurrecting the Witch: A Rhetorical Examination of American Horror Story Coven and the Reanimation of the Witch Archetype.” National Communication Association Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, November 2014.

Naumoff, Marylou. “Surveying the Borders of Manhood as We Face the End of the World: Examining The Croods as a Discourse of Twenty-First Century Masculinity.” Rhetoric Society of American Biennial Conference, San Antonio, TX, May 2014.

Naumoff, Marylou. “Troubling the Transfer of Tropes: Examining how Django Unchained Challenges Historical Renderings of Black Masculinity” Western States Communication Association Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA, February 2014.

Naumoff, Marylou. “Gaming the Throne: Examining How Game of Thrones Complicates Understandings of Gender.” Florida Communication Association Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, October 2013.


COM2053: Introduction to Communication and Civic Life

COM4411: Aesthetics, Rhetoric, & Contemporary Culture

SPC3233: Classical Rhetoric

SPC3235: Contemporary Rhetoric

SPC4232: Special Topics in Rhetoric – Studies in Rhetoric: Rhetoric and Popular Culture Rhetorical Criticism

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