MA in Communication Studies:
Graduate Faculty

Joey Bargsten, Associate Professor
Ph.D, University of Iowa
Interactive Multimedia

Stephen Charbonneau, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles
Film History, Theory, & Documentary

Patricia Darlington, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Florida
Intercultural Communication

Nannetta Durnell-Uwechue, Associate Professor
Ph.D, The Ohio State University
Intercultural Communication

Shane Eason, Assistant Professor
M.F.A., Concordia University
Experimental & Documentary Film

Fred Fejes, Professor
Ph.D., University of Illinois
Media Studies, Sexuality & the Media

Anthony Guneratne, Professor
Ph.D, Indiana University
Film Studies & Cultural History of Media

Stephen Heidt, Assistant Professor

Michael Hofmann, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Free University of Berlin
Political Communication & International Journalism

Brad Lewter, Assistant Professor
M.F.A., University of Central Florida
Computer Animation & Interactive Media

Noemi Marin, Professor
Ph.D., University of Maryland
Rhetorical Studies

Francis X. McAfee, Associate Professor
M.F.A., Florida Atlantic University
Computer Animation

Becky Mulvaney, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Iowa
Rhetorical Studies

Manjunath Pendakur, Professor
Ph.D., Simon Fraser University
Political Economy of Communication

Susan Reilly, Professor
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Mass Communication

Chris Robé, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Lehigh University
Film History & Criticism

Christine Scodari, Professor
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Media, Gender, & Cultural studies

Gerald Sim, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Iowa
Film History & Theory

James Tracy, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Iowa
Mass Communication & History of Journalism

William Trapani, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Iowa
Rhetorical Studies

David Cratis Williams, Professor
Ph.D., Kansas University
Rhetorical Studies

Associate Graduate Faculty

Caren S. Neile, Affiliate Professor Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University

Kevin Petrich, Senior Instructor Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University

Neil Santaniello, Instructor M.S.J., Northwestern University

Ruth von Spalding, Instructor M.F.A., California Institute of the Arts
Interactive Multimedia, New Media Narrative & Web Technologies

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