Routes and Amounts of Drug Administration

Mouse Gerbil Hamster Rat Guinea pig Ferret Rabbit
Intramuscular Quadriceps 0.05 ml <23G Gluteal 0.05 ml <23G Gluteal 0.10ml <21G Quadriceps 0.30 ml <21G Quadriceps 0.30 ml <21G Quadriceps 0.50-1.00 ml <20G Quadriceps Lumbar muscles 0.05-1.00 ml <20G
Subcutaneous Scruff 2.00-3.00ml <20G Scruff 2.00-3.00 ml <20G Scruff 3.00-4.00 ml <20G Scruff 5.00-10.00ml <20G Scruff 5.00-10.00ml <20G Scruff 20.00-30.00ml <20G Scruff 30.00-50.00 ml <20G
Intraperitoneal Along line of hind limb 2.00-3.00 ml <21G 10 degree angle to Abdominal wall 2.00-3.00 ml <21 G 10 degree angle to Abdominal wall 3.00-4.00 ml <21G Along line to hind limb 5.00-10.00 ml <21G Along line to hind limb 10.00-15.00 ml <21 G Body cavity medial to hind limb 50.00-100.00 ml <20G 90 degree paramedian mid abdomen 50.00- 100.00 ml <20G
Intravenous Lateral tail vein 0.20 ml <25G Lateral tail vein 0.20ml <25G Femoral or jugular vein (cut down) 0. 30 ml <25G Lateral tail vein 0.50 ml <23G Ear vein Saphenous vein 0.50 ml <23G Cephalic vein 2.00-5.00 ml (slowly) <21G Marginal ear vein 1.00-5.00 ml (slowly) <21G
Oral 2OG catheter 0.25ml Bulb needle 0.75 ml Bulb needle 0.75 ml Bulb needle 2OG catheter 1.0 ml Bulb needle 1.0 ml Bulb needle Syringe in mouth 3.0 ml or stomach tube 8G catheter 3.0 ml Syringe in mouth

Maximum volumes are given for administration by the im, sc, ip and iv routes. Larger volumes than those indicated may be given by the oral route. However, those given are sufficient and safe for most purposes.

Augsut 2006

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