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What to Submit to IRB

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The following documents are REQUIRED for your IRB submission unless otherwise indicated. You can obtain all forms and templates by logging into IRBNet.

  • IRB Application (Form 1)
  • Research Protocol/Plan (Form 1a)
  • CITI training certificates for PI and all key personnel. Go to:
  • Recruitment materials (ads, flyers, press releases or text for online announcements, radio, television, etc.)
  • Technical portion (research methodology) of grant/contract (applicable if externally funded)
  • Data Collection Instruments /Questionnaires /Surveys /Interview Questions
  • Informed Consent Document(s) (Choose the consent form/process most appropriate for your research.) Refer to: consents should be clear, concise and written at age appropriate comprehension levels.

    Types of consents include (as applicable to your research): 
    • Adult Consent
    • Clinical Consent
    • Child Assent
    • Parental Consent or Legal Guardian Consent
    • Internet Consent
    • Script / cover letter / other consent method (if no signed consent form is being used)
    • Debriefing statement (when study involves deception)
    • HIPAA Authorization or waiver documents (if research involves protected health information.)

* If your method requires no consent, you must request/justify waiver of informed consent or waiver of documentation of consent

** If your subjects are non-English speaking you will need to submit translated consent documents.
  • Detailed Letters of Cooperation or site agreements (for research involving collaborative sites)
Once you upload your documents in IRBNet, be CERTAIN to obtain the necessary signatures before you submit your application through IRBNet. Research Integrity staff will evaluate your submission for completeness and assign it for review.

**Note: Additional documents are required to review clinical drug, device, biologic or related studies. Contact Research Integrity for information on these additional requirements.

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