Cost-Sharing/Matching requires an Institutional Contribution Statement 98-04

The University is often required to cost-share or match on a variety of funding programs or projects. The specific amount depends on the particular program and/or sponsor requirements. Faculty members are encouraged to contact Sponsored Programs to discuss the cost-sharing/matching commitments in the early stages of proposal preparation.

The total amount of cost-sharing/matching must be displayed under "FAU Share" on the "Pre-Award Routing Sheet." The total on the Routing Sheet must agree with the Total Cost Sharing Amount on the “Florida Atlantic University Institutional Contribution Statement (xls)” for the entire period of the award. You may have different account numbers for cost sharing purposes and the correct account number should be listed next to each category. If you are not certain of your account number please contact your college fiscal administrator.

The proposal cannot be processed without the appropriate approvals on this form.

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