Religious Studies
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Religious Studies Certificate

The Religious Studies certificate program promotes the academic study of religion.  Recognizing the significance of religion within human culture, the program advocates constructive, critical analysis of religion, seeking to be as open-minded and pluralistic as possible.  It does not sanction any specific religion, but strives to treat religion like other social, political and cultural phenomena that are representative of the universal panorama of human culture.  The program focuses on certain crucial questions within the context of the various religious traditions:  What is the nature of the sacred?  What is the nature of the profane?  What is faith?  What is the nature of religious language?  What is the relationship between religion and gender? What is the nature of religious experience?  What constitutes religious knowledge? 

Any degree-student in good standing and anyone holding at least a bachelor’s degree may enroll in the certificate program.  Because it is interdisciplinary in orientation and scope, students are encouraged to take courses in several different departments. 

Requirements: Five courses (15 credits) passed with a grade of “C” or better from upper-division courses, including no more than two courses from the student’s major.  Four of these must be core courses and include “The Religious Experience” (REL 3020), one course that focuses on methods for studying religion and one that focuses on the content of religion.  The fifth course may be any approved class which devotes at least half of its content to religion.

Applications and additional information are available at the Office of Student Academic Services in the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters (AH 213, Boca Raton campus; LA 421, Davie campus).

Core Courses (4 are required, including at least one from each of the following categories):

The Religious Experience (REL 3020)

Anthropology of Religion (ANT 3241)
Old Testament (REL 3213)
Philosophy of Religion (PHI 4761)

History of Christianity to 1500 (HIS 3432)
History of Christianity since 1500 (HIS 3434)
History of Eastern Ideas (ASH 4600)
History of Hasidism (JST 4464)
Islamic History (ASH 3222)
Reformation Europe (EUH 4144)
Religion in America (AMH 4260) 

Electives (may be any of the above classes or any class on the list below):
History of East Asia (ASH 3300)
The Holocaust (JST 4701)
Jewish Wisdom: An Introduction (JST 3513)
Peoples of the Middle East (ASH 3230)
Religion and World Politics (CPO 3761)

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