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Dear Membership Director:

The State of Florida Statutes, Section 119.01(3), requires that public funds not be expended to any association, group or organization whose records are not open for inspection to any citizen of Florida. Therefore, in compliance with the law, we ask that you certify by signature the following statement:

Pursuant to the requirements of Florida Statutes, I hereby certify that all the financial, business, and membership records of that person, corporation, foundation, trust, association, group, or other organization, as they pertain to Florida Atlantic University, are open for public examination.




Also, please provide your Federal Identification Number which is used only to identify your organization in our computer.

FEID No._________________________________

Please note: FAU cannot issue payment for dues without this open records letter. Thank you for your cooperation. You may fax this letter back to the number indicated below:

FAU Contact Name: _______________________

Department Phone Number: _________________

Department Fax Number: ___________________

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