Moving Expenses


After the employment proposal has been submitted by the requesting department, and the amount to be paid by FAU for moving expenses is determined, the following actions should be taken:

The Hiring Department will submit a Request for Authority to Pay Moving Expenses (Approval Memo) to their Dean, Director, Chair or Business Manager.  Final approval will be required from the department's Vice President or the Provost.

Contact the Purchasing Department for the current SUS Contract Vendor List. The employee will need to contact a vendor(s) to begin the process for a home survey necessary to generate a quotation for the move.

Attach copy of the quotation and the Approval Memo to a Purchase Requisition (PR). Include on the PR the new name of the employee, moving location, approximate move date, and the departmental reimbursable dollar/weight limitations.  All documents should be attached to the requisition and submitted for approval in Workday.  When received by Purchasing a Purchase Order will be issued to the vendor to confirm the move and lock in the move dates.

After the move, the vendor will submit an invoice to FAU for payment. The requisitioner must enter a receipt against the PO in Workday to match the Invoice entered by the Controller to execute payment.  The new employee will make arrangements with the moving company and be separately billed to pay for their portion of the move for any expenses not allowed for reimbursement by the University, not in accordance with the contract agreement, or above the University's specified moving limits.

If you have any questions please contact Shanna Longa, slonga or 954-236-1093.


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