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Keys Keys to More Effective Purchasing
  • Assign one employee in your Department to manage LPOs. That person should be responsible for monitoring the budget, obtaining the LPOs, monitoring transactions and communicating with Purchasing and the Controller's Office. The assigned person will be briefed as to use, do's and don'ts, problem resolution, and follow-up.
  • Establish a group of vendors that can provide your products. If you communicate with them well, they will stock your items in anticipation of future purchases. State and University contract merchants/vendors should be used as often as possible to purchase commodities unless the needed commodities are not available through State or University contracts. All items should be delivered directly to the Department or picked up and not sent through Central Receiving. Vendors should be told not to "back order" any items.
  • Follow up on invoice payments. Late invoice processing may result in penalties and disturb what would be an otherwise productive working relationship.
  • Consult with Purchasing Department prior to issuing an LPO for an unexpected need to ensure the appropriateness of the product or an available source. There may be a quicker method or other resources elsewhere in the University. For example, specialized requirements, critical delivery schedules or assurance of compatibility with existing equipment might require the use of a purchase order to ensure that specifications are met.
  • LPO users are encouraged to use State Certified minority merchants, existing FAU vendors and purchase commodities that are made of recycled material or of recycled content.
  • Order more than one LPO from Purchasing. This will provide ample backup in case of imminent need of materials from more than one source.
  • All transactions conducted within the State of Florida are exempt from State Sales and Use Tax. The tax exempt number is listed on the LPO. Federal and/or local taxes are not exempt.
  • Ensure that all copies of the original LPO are distributed as shown on the bottom row of the LPO. Since you will receive only one copy of the LPO, it is your responsibility to ensure the LPO is copied and distributed properly to ensure accurate receiving and timely payment processing. The distribution is as follows:
VENDOR – The vendor (seller) receives the original LPO at time of purchase.
CONTROLLER – The Controller's Office copy should have the vendor's invoice attached for payment processing.
USING DEPARTMENT – The using department originating the LPO should retain a copy of all documents related to the LPO transaction for reference.
RECEIVER – This copy is to be used when the item(s) is to be shipped by the vendor. Most carriers (freight, UPS, FedEx, etc) will deliver only to Central Receiving, or to mail rooms at off-site campuses. If your vendor intends to ship the item(s) you order, forward a copy of the LPO to Central Receiving (Boca Raton campus), or to the mailroom at the campus you are located. This will enable the receivers to identify the origin of the order and determine the delivery location.
Please direct questions to Debra Purcell at 561-297-3080, dpurcell@fau.edu

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