Memoranda and Policy


Class Meetings (February)

 Policy on Affiliate Faculty Appointments (March)

• Policy on Qualification of Instructors (April)

Credentialing Manual Revised (May)

• Office Hours Policy (April)

• Appointment and Promotion of Assistant Scholars/ Assistant Scientists / Assistant Engineers / Assistant Research Professors (April)

• Appointment and Promotion of Instructors and Lecturers (April)

• Administration of Student Perception of Teaching (SPOT) Forms

• Faculty Annual Evaluation Timeline

FAU Safety and Security Policies on International Study and Travel

• Distance Learning Scope and Policies

• Faculty Assignment Guidelines

• Guidelines for Course Syllabi

• Definition of a Credit Hour

• Guidelines for Third Year Reviews - Revised (August)

 Faculty Summer Assignment Guidelines - Revised (August)

• Supervision of Academic Work by Relatives - Revised (August)

• Policy on Temporary Academic Administrative Appointments (August)

• Policy and Procedures for Faculty Transfers - Revised (August) 

• Policy on Evaluation of Eminent Scholars (August)

• Policy on Librarian Emeritus -  Revised  (August)

• Policy on Student Absences - Revised (August)

• Religious Accommodations for Students and Faculty (August)

• Awarding of Posthumous Degrees - Revised (August)

• Academic Dismissal of Students from a Graduate Degree Program (August)

• Policy on Fulbright Awards - Revised (August)

• Academic Program Termination and Inactive Program Notification (August)

• Policy on Emeritus Faculty - Revised  (September)

• New Degree Program Approval Process (September)

• Accreditation Procedures - Revised (September)



• Policy on Emeritus Scholar/Scientist/Engineer/Research Professor (April)


• Full-time Undergraduate Enrollment (November) - REPEALED



• Job Description - Library Department Heads  - Revised  (March)

• Job Description - Department Chairs / School Directors -  Revised  (March)

• Appointment and Evaluation of Academic Administrators (April)



• Policy on Intercampus Travel for Faculty (February) - REPEALED



•  New Student Perception of Teaching (SPOT) form (November)  

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