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"Inside FAU" - April 2011

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Hello, and welcome to another edition of "Inside FAU," a webcast that's designed to keep you informed about interesting things that are happening at Florida Atlantic University.

I'm M.J. Saunders, the President of FAU, and today I want to talk to you about the importance of the research and creative activities that are being pursued by our faculty members and students.

We all know that universities occupy a very special place in our society and in all countries worldwide. It is at universities that existing knowledge is passed on to the next generation through teaching, that new knowledge is discovered through research and that new insights into the human experience are expressed through creative activities. Universities are unique in their ability to draw students into all of these enterprises and, in so doing, inspire the next generation of teachers, scholars, scientists and artists.

I am very proud of all of the work that is taking place at FAU in these core areas of our mission as well as in the community outreach efforts of so many members of the University community. These functions -- teaching, research and creative activities, and civic engagement -- come together to give universities their distinctive role in modern life.

As we celebrate this fiftieth anniversary year of our University, we look back upon a truly amazing half-century of growth.

From the very beginning, FAU faculty members have been known for their outstanding skill as classroom teachers and their dedication to students. They have maintained these critically important qualities as their number has grown from an original founding faculty of 80 pioneers to today's fifteen-hundred men and women who are teaching and mentoring more than 28,000 students on seven campuses.

Dramatic advances have taken place in the research arena as our faculty and student researchers have moved forward on a wide variety of fronts, from investigating the deadly mysteries of cancer and AIDS to harnessing the power of ocean currents to generate clean, renewable energy.

Our arts and humanities scholars are making their own very important contributions to the University's growth in the 21st century by using their diverse gifts to bring us thought-provoking art, beautiful music, incisive writing and first-rate theatre and dance performances.

And across all of our colleges faculty, students and staff are generously devoting their time, energy and talents to outreach efforts that are providing essential services to people in the outside community.

Taken together, these are the endeavors that define a university and give it singular importance among society's many institutions.

This year, we are joining in a celebration of all that Florida Atlantic University has achieved over a period of 50 years as an evolving center of education, research, creative activity and civic engagement. We have a great deal to be proud of AND a great deal to look forward to as our University continues to accomplish great things! Thank you for all that YOU are doing for FAU!


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I’m glad that you’ve decided to visit Inside FAU, where you’ll find a variety of informative videos about the University. Webisodes are posted on this site periodically, with a view toward informing the FAU community about interesting new programs, special accomplishments by faculty and students, and other notable developments.

I hope you will return to the Inside FAU site frequently throughout the year to get an insider’s look at some of the wonderful things that are happening at FAU during this 50th anniversary year. We have good reason to be proud!

Mary Jane Saunders, Ph.D.

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