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Florida Atlantic University is a public research university serving a uniquely diverse community on multiple campuses strategically situated along the southeast coast of Florida. The University promotes academic and personal development, discovery and lifelong learning. FAU fulfills its mission through excellence and innovation in teaching, outstanding research and creative activities, public engagement, and distinctive scientific and cultural alliances, all within an environment that fosters inclusiveness.


Florida Atlantic University values an academic environment that facilitates intellectual growth through open and honest expression. The University is committed to excellence at all levels of the educational and creative experience, to success for all students and to development of the capacity to make reasoned and discriminating judgments with respect for differences and diversity in ideas. The University is dedicated to lifelong learning, which encourages the continual use of the mind. The University plays a vital role in the life of the surrounding community, in society and as an engine for economic development. More specifically, the University commits to:

  • Prepare students to fulfill a productive destiny in the workplace and in society;

  • Promote academic freedom and an atmosphere of free and open inquiry;

  • Recognize and reward superior performance, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in all facets of University activity;

  • Support all those who rely on the University, such as parents, employers of students and graduates, and community partners;

  • Account for the sound use and careful stewardship of the resources provided to the University;

  • Provide equal access, equal rights and equal justice, and encourage mutual regard for the rights and liberties of all persons;

  • Respect all persons and display civility in all interactions;

  • Provide a secure environment for the pursuit of learning;

  • Foster community service and social responsibility;

  • Promote honesty in all spheres, social and moral development, and ethical standards in all areas of human activity; and

  • Assure clear and open communication and sharing of information.


Florida Atlantic University aspires to be recognized as a university of first choice for excellent and accessible undergraduate and graduate education, distinguished for the quality of its programs across multiple campuses, emulated for its collaborations with regional partners and internationally acclaimed for its contributions to creativity and research.

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