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Course Modules

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Introduction to Public Sector Procurement (PAD 4852) 3 credits
    This course examines the technical and fundamental procedures basic to public sector procurement, including the solicitation process, types of contracts, pricing policies and techniques, contracting by negotiation, contract administration, contract performance, government contract quality assurance, termination of government contracts, protest, disputes, appeals, and contract closeout.
  • Public Sector Contract Planning and Analysis (PAD 4853) 3 credits
    This course surveys all phases of the contract formulation process and instructs students in how to write a statement of work document. Specific focus is on the RFP and RFB process and documents.
  • Public Sector Contract Management (PAD 4854) 3 credits
    This course is a study of government contract administration, including contract administration process and techniques.
  • Administrative Process and Ethics of Public Sector Procurement (PAD 4880) 3 credits
    This course provides an overview of public procurement processes, paying particular attention to administrative procedures, law, and ethics.
  • Public Sector Project Management Techniques (PAD 4881) 3 credits
    This course provides an overview of essential elements for each phase of the project life cycle, knowledge, tools, and techniques to manage a project from its initiation to final closeout.

Graduate Courses:

  • Public Procurement Concepts and Practices (PAD 6855) 3 credits
    This course provides an overview of public procurement as a basic functional area of government. Specific focus on the scope of public procurement, including organizational structure, regulations, process and methods, and current issues in public procurement.
  • Public Procurement and Project Management (PAD 6856) 3 credits
    Course covers each phase of the public procurement project cycle, with an emphasis on tools and techniques to manage a public procurement project.
  • Public Sector Procurement Law and Ethics (PAD 6857) 3 credits
    Course surveys the ethics and law pertaining to federal government procurement, including analysis of the unique features of government contracting.
  • Public Sector Contract Formulation (PAD 6858) 3 credits
    Course covers all phases of the contract formulation process with a focus on the RFP and RFB procedure, documents, and other technical issues.
  • Public Sector Contract Administration (PAD 6859) 3 credits
    Course provides an in-depth study of contract administration with a focus on all activities in the postaward phase of the contract process.
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