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Middle East Track

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Middle East Track
The Middle East track is designed to promote the understanding of the region’s economics and politics, and help prepare students for job opportunities relating to the Middle East and for graduate study. In addition to the university and college requirements for admission and graduation, students majoring in Political Science are required to earn 15 credit hours in Middle East political science courses as follows:

Core Courses(nine credit hours):

Comparative Politics of the Middle East - CPO 4403, 3 credits

The Comparative Politics of Ethnic Conflict (in the Middle East) - CPO 4724, 3 credits

Politics and Prospects in Iraq - CPO 4932, 3 credits

Religions and World Politics (focus on the Middle East) - CPO 3761, 3 credits

Elective Courses (six credit hours)
Directed Independent Study - POS 4905, 1 - 3 credits

Political Science Study Abroad (in the Middle East) - CPO 4957, 1 - 4 credits

Senior Research Project (dealing with the Middle East) - POS 4910, 3 credits

War and Peace - INR 4006, 3 credits
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