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Global Governance Track

The primary purpose of the Department of Political Science’s Global Governance Track is to enable students to study and increase their understanding of the causes and consequences of globalization as well as the political, economic, and ecological dimensions of globalization. The program is organized around various themes of “global significance,” such as global governance and human rights, including issues of peace and conflict among peoples and states; global terrorism; and the interrelationships of global justice, rights, and responsibilities with new models of international organization, administration, and development. In addition to the University and College requirements for admission and graduation and the Political Science requirements, students enrolled in the Political Science Global Governance Track are required to complete five of the core courses below.

Core Courses
Political Science Study Abroad
CPO 4957
American Foreign Policy
INR 3102
International Law
INR 3403
International Organization
INR 3502
International Political Economy
INR 3702
War and Peace
INR 4006
The International System
INR 4081
Model United Nations
INR 4503
 Last Modified 11/8/16