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1 in 4 college women has been the victim of rape or attempted rape since age 14.

52% of all women surveyed have experienced some form of sexual victimization. 1 in 12 college men admit to      forcing sexual intercourse on their partner.

84% of the women knew the man who raped them and 57% of the time this man was their date.

For both men and women, the average age when a rape incident occurred (either as perpetrator or victim) was 18 Y2 years old.

75% of perpetrators and 55% of victims were drinking at the time of the assault.

Only 27% of women who met the legal definition of rape thought of themselves as being rape victims.

84% of the men who committed rape believe their behavior was definitely not rape.

33% of males surveyed said they would commit rape if they could escape detection.

25% of men surveyed believe that rape was acceptable if: the woman asked the man out; or the man paid for the date; or the woman went back to the man's room after the date.

16% of male students who committed rape, and 10% of those who attempted a rape took part in episodes involving more than one attacker.

42% of rape victims told no one about their assaults.  According to the FBI, between 1 and 5% are reported to police.

Source: Dr. Mary Koss, Kent State University, 3-year study of 7, 000 college students on 35 different campuses

 Last Modified 7/14/14