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Officer Grande by AD Henderson Student Photograph

School Resource Officer Grande
Photo by AD Henderson Student Contest Winner 

Officer Gary Grande of the FAU Police Department brings his significant experience in Law Enforcement to Alexander D. Henderson University School and FAU High School as the School Resource Officer.  The purpose and mission of the Florida Atlantic University Police Department School Resource Officer Program is the commitment our agency has to children.

Alexander D. Henderson University School and FAU High School is a public school district functioning as a laboratory school located on the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton Florida. There are approximately 950 students in grades K-12 that attend.

Officer Grande is collaborating with School Officials to create a Cyber Safety and Anti Cyber Bullying Educational Campaign focused on the Middle School and High School students.  As School Resource Officer he plays a critical part of the Crisis Control Response Plan and also serves on the School Emergency Response Team (SERT) advising on all emergency response plans and evacuation plans for the schools.  

Officer Grande works closely with educators to develop plans to prevent or reduce dangerous situations in our schools by the facilitation of campus safety, security technology and the Violence Intervention Techniques and Language (VITAL) Program. The Vital Program is an initiative of the School District of Palm Beach County Police Department in order to train staff members in control procedures and defensive strategies to help promote and insure a safe school environment.  Officer Grande serves as a role model with good communications skills to convey the correct messages to our young people.

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