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FAU Police Department Badge  Community Service Officers

Community Service Officers (CSO) are FAU students, in good academic standing, who work for the police department as civilian employees. Under direct supervision CSOs patrol all campus property performing designated security, parking enforcement activities, and various related administrative functions. CSOs assist the campus community and provide an extra set of "eyes and ears" for the police department.

FAU Police Department facilitates the academic process by providing a safe and secure environment in which to pursue academic excellence. Our commitment to the CSO program is based on the philosophy that we are p roviding students a learning experience in law enforcement, providing employment

CSO helping a student with a dead battery

and practical experience to our students and enhancing our service delivery to the campus community.

Assigned Duties

small badge Conduct regular inspections of all university property, particularly parking areas, grounds and buildings
small badge Enforce parking and permit regulations
small badge Perform escort services
small badge Conduct fingerprinting/live scan services
small badgeLock/unlock university buildings/facilities
small badgeObserve and report suspicious activity, hazardous conditions and/or criminal violations
small badgeProvide security services for campus organizations and/or functions
small badgeGive directions and other types of aid to the campus community
small badgePerform enforcement, administrative, security and/or investigative functions as directed

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