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The University President established a FAU Essential Personnel program. In the event of severe weather conditions or emergency situations, the University may suspend normal operations and classes. If normal activities are suspended, all employees whose positions are designated as essential must report to their campus as directed to prepare for an impending event or assess the University's operations after an event in order to protect the University’s assets.

Once the request for a card is received by the Department of Emergency Management  and if the FAU employee has a current OWL Card, an Essential Personnel ID Card will be issued. If they do not have an OWL Card, they will need to go to the OWL Card Center on their campus to obtain one. The cards are valid June 1 through May 31 of the following year.

Additions and EP Category Changes must be approved by the appropriate Dean or Director and the Provost's Office or appropriate Vice President. Deletions must be approved by the Dean or Director. Personal information (home address, phone and e-mail) is optional but would be useful in contacting individuals. Questions regarding the Essential Personnel program should be directed to the appropriate Dean or Director or to the Essential Personnel Program Administrator, Sharlene Sookhoo.

 Last Modified 7/14/14