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Published 09/2015

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Public Safety

Don't walk alone on Campus at night.

Call the Night Owls for a free escort.

University Police

Bicycle Security

Protect Your Bicycle From Theft

  • Always secure your bicycle frame to a bicycle rack or stationary object with a alloy- hardened U - shaped lock (even if you're only going to be gone just a minute). Most locking cables and chains, regardless of a hardened case, can be cut with bolt cutters.
  • Immediately report suspicious person(s) / activity in vicinity of bicycle racks.
  • Register your bicycle with University Police in person at the University Police station. Registration serves as a deterrent to theft and aids in the recovery of stolen bicycles. At University Police, community members may also register their bicycles with the Florida Atlantic Police Department.
  • When you lock and leave your bicycle, try to choose a public place where passers-by will notice a thief.
  • When possible, release the front wheel and secure together with the back tire. Remember to also secure removable seats.
  • Keep records including serial number, description of bicycle and bill of sale. If your bicycle is stolen, immediately notify University Police.
  • Put your bicycle in storage when not in use. Bicycles are prohibited from being stored in corridors, hallways, stairwells, lounges or any thoroughfare.
 Last Modified 7/14/14