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Don't walk alone on Campus at night.

Call the Night Owls for a free escort.

University Police

University Police Department Awards

2010 Awards and Recipients

Officer of the Year - Chad Alpert

Civilian Employee of the Year - Communications Officer Lyssa Brooks

Officer Special Recognition - Kevin Loughran

Civilian Special Recognition -
CSO Joseph Viggiano 

Meritorious Service - Officer Lee Hagenbuch

Community Service - CSO James Friedlander

Customer Service - Motor Vehicle Operator Angelica LoMonaco

2009 Awards and Recipients

Officer of the Year - Larry Ervin

Civilian Employee of the Year - Howard Pavillard

Officer Special Recognition - Richard Schaut

Civilian Special Recognition - William Ehrhardt and Dennis Freestone
Meritorious Service - Jimes Lanza

Community Service - Patricia Harris

Customer Service - Frank Weber and Lyssa Brooks

Perfect Attendance Award - Larry Ervin, Richie Friedman, Lee Hagenbuch, Jimmy Ho, Michael Littleton, Lester Lockett, Kevin Loughran, Derrick Paul, Larry Saxon, Virginia Williams, Bruce Wilson.

Attendance Award:  Ulysses Bolding, Wayne Boxer, Miguel Cardona, Darren Courtney, Tammy Di Grazia, Gary Grande, James Lanza, James McDowell, Gary Palmer, Mark Pona, Chuck Williams

2008 Awards and Recipients

The following awards and recipients were announced at the Florida Atlantic University Police Department's Annual Meeting held on October 16, 2008.

Officer of the Year - Sgt. Richard Friedman

Civilian of the Year - Charles "Chuck" Williams

Officer Special Recognition - Sgt. Bill Hernandez

Civilian Special Recognition - Carlene Watson

Florida Atlantic University Police Department Commendation - Audrey Jones, Richard Schaut, Michael Littleton, Ulysses Boldin, Robert Vickens, Larry Ervin, Amy Gale, Kevin Loughran, Chris Clark, Juan Nieves

Customer Service - Omar Jabiles

Community Service - Harriet Pioquinto

Perfect Attendance Award:  Wayne Boxer, Ed Delancy, Richie Friedman, Bill Hernandez, Ron Legere, Michael Littleton, Lester Lockett, James McDowell, Chuck Williams, Virginia Williams, Bruce Wilson

Attendance Award:  Donna Darrell, Larry Ervin, Patrick Garmon, Gary Palmer, Howard Pavillard

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