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Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy makes a central contribution to the educational enterprise through its demands upon intellectual activity and enhances the following skills:


General Problem Solving Skills: Analysis of concepts, definitions, arguments, and problems and synthesis of varied perspectives into a unified whole.

Communication Skills: Enhancement of communicative powers and elimination of ambiguity and vagueness from writing and speech.

Persuasive Powers: Construction of clear formulations, good arguments, and appropriate examples.




Writing Skills: Enhancement of writing skills, in terms of syntax, clarity, proper argumentation, and organization. 

Understanding Other Disciplines: Understanding of other disciplines and of the relation of philosophy to foundational issues in other fields.

Development of Sound Methods of Research and Analysis: Ability to frame hypotheses, to do research, and organize problems in manageable form.


For more information on the various skills enhanced by philosophical training, see the American Philosophical Association's Philosophy: A Brief Guide for Undergraduates and Careers for Philosophers.  See www.apaonline.org


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