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Renat Shaykhutdinon


[ Renat Shaykhutdinov ]  Director, Peace Studies
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

Renat Shaykhutdinov came to Florida Atlantic University in 2007 from Texas A&M University where he received his PhD. He earned his BA degrees in Political Science and International Relations, and Sociology from the University of Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey. His teaching and research interests include comparative and international politics, ethnic conflict, research methods, power-sharing arrangements, decentralization, and the politics of the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe. Renat Shaykhutdinov is a native of the East European city of Kazan located in the Middle Volga Region and is fluent in Tatar, Russian, and Turkish.



Doug McGetchin, Director of Peace Studies


[ Peter Cava ]  Lynn, Wold, Schmidt Peace Studies Fellow, Peace Studies Program
PhD Candidate, Public Intellectuals Program

Peter Cava received a BA in Communication and Religion from Grove City College, Pennsylvania, in 2004; the designation of "Fellow" from the World Journalism Institute, New York, in 2004; an MA in Ecumenical Studies from Union Theological Seminary, New York, in 2008; and a graduate certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Florida Atlantic University (FAU), Boca Raton, in 2009. Currently, Peter is a PhD Candidate in FAU's Public Intellectuals Program, writing a dissertation that analyzes science fiction television's defamiliarization of transgender political trends, such as the convergence of transgender and militarist discourses in the campaign for transgender military inclusion. Peter's additional writing includes rhetorical analysis of Gandhian nonviolence; cultural analysis of post-9/11 US imperial ideology; and "Activism, Politics, and Organizing," a book chapter in Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, forthcoming from Oxford University Press in 2014. Peter has served for two years as the conference planning coordinator for Transecting Society, an annual conference about transgender politics; has delivered sixty invited lectures, panel presentations, and workshops; has facilitated over 500 writing consultations; and has participated in a wide range of activism, including civil disobedience, community service, media advocacy, policy negotiations, and public demonstrations. In addition, Peter cultivates inner peace through gardening, dreamwork, and watching the sunrise at Snook Islands. petercava.com


Doug McGetchin, Director of Peace Studies

 Indology Book Cover

[ Doug McGetchin ]  Former Director,  Peace Studies Program 
Associate Professor, Department of History

In 2012, Doug McGetchin became Director of the Peace Studies Program in the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, and is responsible for overall coordination, development and management of the program.

Professor McGetchin received his Ph.D. in modern European history from the University of California, San Diego, specializing in cultural, political, and intellectual connections between Germany and India. His research and teaching span world history, modern Germany, modern Europe, and ancient and modern South Asia.

His publications include the book Indology, Indomania, Orientalism:  Ancient India's Rebirth in Modern Germany (2009), examining the historical context of Indology (the study of South Asian texts, literature, and culture) and the diffusion of this knowledge about ancient India within modern Europe during the long nineteenth century (1790-1914). He is also co-editor of the volume Sanskrit and "Orientalism": Indology and Comparative Linguistics in Germany,1750-1958 (2004), as well as journal articles, chapters, encyclopedia articles, and other works related to East-West connections.

Image Top Left: Doug McGetchin at the Raj Ghat, site of Mohandas K. “Mahatma” Gandhi’s cremation in Delhi, India  

Indology, Indomania, Orientalism  |  Doug McGetchin's web page


Noemi Marin, Director of Peace Studies

 After the Fall Book Cover

[ Noemi Marin ] Former Director,  Peace Studies Program

Professor and Director of the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies

Noemi Marin was appointed Director of the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters Peace Studies Program in 2007. In that capacity, she is responsible for overall coordination, development and management of the program.

Professor Noemi Marin received her first graduate degree in English and Spanish Literature and Languages from University of Bucharest, Romania, and her second M.A. in Communication from California State University, Northridge, specializing in Eastern European political discourse. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1999 in Rhetorical Studies, specializing in post-communist rhetoric.

Author of numerous publications in edited volumes and journals, Dr. Marin's most recent book is  After the Fall: Rhetoric in the Aftermath of Dissent in Post-Communist Times  (Peter Lang, 2007). She also edits the Journal of Literacy and Technology. Professor Marin is currently Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Culture in the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies.

Indology, Indomania, Orientalism

Noemi Marin's webpage  

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