Peace, Justice and Human Rights Certificates

Chastain-Johnston Middle East Grant Program

This grant program is made possible by a generous donation in the form of an endowment by Thomas Chastain.

The Peace Studies Program welcomes grant proposals relating to Middle Eastern studies from programs, departments, faculty, and graduate students for any of the following categories of activities:

  • Program Enhancement.
  • Curriculum Development.
  • Guest Speakers.
  • Research Grants.
  • Scholarships.
  • Other.

Applicants should submit three (3) copies the following materials to Jeffrey S. Morton, Director of Peace Studies, for consideration by the Peace Studies Executive Committee:

  1. Letter of application (including project title, participants, justification, etc.),
  2. Abstract of proposal,
  3. Detailed budget,
  4. Evaluation of impact of activity, including:
    * departments, programs, faculty, students impacted,
    * expected turnout for public events,
    * curriculum and program enhancement expected.
  5. Time-line of project, and
  6. Curriculum vitae of involved individuals.
 Last Modified 11/8/16