Peace, Justice and Human Rights Certificates

[ Executive Committee ]
Composed of faculty from numerous departments, the Peace Studies Executive Committee is responsible for overall program management, curriculum and program development, management of the program resources, and allocation of funds.  Executive Committee members include:

Lynn Appleton
Sociology, appleton@fau.edu

Clifford T. Brown
Anthropology, ctbrown@fau.edu

Carla Calargé
Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature, ccalarge@fau.edu

Noemi Marin
School of Communication and Multimedia Studies, nmarin@fau.edu

Doug McGetchin
Director of Peace Studies,History, dmcgetch@fau.edu

William Trapani
School of Communication and Multimedia Studies, wtrapan1@fau.edu

Renat Shaykhutdinov
Political Science, rshaykhu@fau.edu

Ex-officio representative of the Dean's Office

 Last Modified 8/20/15