Pre-Collegiate Programs Office, Division of Student Affairs


Welcome to the Pre-Collegiate Programs Office. Whether you are a student, a parent, a faculty member needing assistance with pre-collegiate program planning ideas, or a program director, you have come to the right place. Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is committed to providing a safe and enriching Owl experience for children and youth engaged in FAU-affiliated youth activities. Check out our Pre-Collegiate Program Schedule for examples of some of the exciting program offerings that are available.


The Pre-Collegiate Programs Office (PCPO) provides support in the areas of Program Development and Program Standards and focuses on the following key areas:

DEVELOPMENT PCPO equips program directors with a vessel for developing and/or enhancing youth programs operated by or affiliated with the University. PCPO assists program directors with determining program emphasis, finding and training qualified staff, and planning program schedules and budgets.

APPROVAL All FAU-affiliated programs are required to seek approval by the PCPO prior to beginning beginning program operations. The application process will familiarize program directors with current standards and also offer counseling and training to ensure standards are met and maintained.

STANDARDS PCPO provides guidance on compliance requirements for FAU-operated or affiliated programs. We also deliver educational resources on youth protection strategies, applicable policies and laws, and assist you with navigating requirements for reporting and responding to incidents.

 Last Modified 7/31/17