owlheadFAU Sales Tax on Permits

There have been several questions recently about the sales tax that appears when purchasing a permit online. The Office of Parking and Transportation is required to collect sales tax on parking permits and to pay the collected sales tax to the state of Florida. We have always collected sales tax on permit sales, however, due to a software change, the amount of the sales tax is now displayed during the transaction.

The collection of sales tax on parking permits is not a new practice. In the past, the selling price of the permit has included the sales tax. Please note that this process does not have an impact on your ability to claim the parking permit amount as a deduction on your tax returns nor does it change the amount of the deduction.

For more information about the specific tax implications and your ability to deduct the permit cost, please consult your tax specialist. The Office of Parking and Transportation does not make any recommendations or offer any tax preparation advice.

If you have any additional questions, please contact faupark@fau.edu


 Last Modified 11/8/16