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Carpool Program for the Boca Raton Campus

Carpool Parking SignAs Faculty and Staff can now take advantage of reserved carpool parking after obtaining their Carpool Permits

To park in the Carpool Spaces, vehicles must display both a valid FAU permit AND a valid Carpool permit.  Failure to display either permit may result in a citation up to $50.00.  You must also park in a space appropriate to your parking permit. (Students must park in student parking lots.)  The carpool program is opened to Red and Blue permit holders only.

How to register for a Carpool Permit

For more information about the carpool program and to register for your Carpool Permit, visit the Carpool Registration website at .  If you are interested in carpooling but don't have anyone to carpool with, our partners at South Florida Commuter Services can help.  There is a free carpool matching service provided for FAU faculty, staff and students at as well.  

Please review the complete list of rules and regulations governing the use of the carpool parking program.

Where are Carpool Parking Spots

Carpool parking spaces are available in the following parking lots:

Lot (and closest building) Number of Spaces Permits
Lot 1 North End (Nursing) 4 Red Hangtags
Lot 1 South End 4 Red Hangtags / Blue Permits
Lot 4 (Biomed) 9 Red Hangtags
Lot 6 (Fleming Hall) 4 Red Hangtags
Lot 6 (Business-second row) 4 Red Hangtags / Blue Permits
Lot 8 (Education) 4 Red Hangtags
Lot 9 (Education) 8 Red Hangtags / Blue Permits
Lot 16 4 Red Hangtags / Blue Permits
Lot 19 4 Red Hangtags / Blue Permits
Garage 2 5 Red Hangtags / Blue Permits


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 Last Modified 11/8/16