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Dr. Rindy Anderson is looking for motivated students who are excited about field research to help in her research project, Behavioral Ecology and Acoustic Communication in Bachman’s Sparrow. If interested in this project, please email Dr. Anderson atrindy1@gmail.com describing why you are interested and what you hope to gain by being a part of it, include your major, any animal biology courses you have taken, GPA and your availability for Fall 2015 and Spring and Summer 2016.

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Undergraduate Research Grants Program  



Josh Scholl at Symposium

To encourage undergraduate students from all disciplines to participate in independent research and creative projects in collaboration with FAU faculty. The research or creative activity conducted by the student generally takes diverse forms of directed research, such as independent study, work on an honors thesis or part of a larger ongoing study under the direct supervision of a faculty member, rather than work conducted to fulfill regular course or seminar requirements.

A University-wide call for proposals will be distributed prior to each deadline. All proposals will be reviewed by the Distinction through Discovery co-curriculum committee using the judging criteria presented in the application. 

Student and Faculty Eligibility:

  • Any full-time, continuing, undergraduate student in good standing (academic and disciplinary) at Florida Atlantic University
  • Students may receive only one Undergraduate Research Grant every twelve months.
  • Faculty mentors may receive no more than two grants per grant cycle for students they mentor. (Additional grants may be awarded if funds are available.)


Application deadlines are 5:00p.m. on February 15 and October 15. Should these dates fall on a weekend day or holiday, the deadline will become the next business day.

How to apply: 

Please complete the following information to ensure a successful application.  (Please note:  the application is being updated and will be uploaded shortly)

  1. Complete on-line cover page
  2. Complete Undergraduate Research Grant Application package
  3. Request a letter of recommendation from your faculty mentor
  4. Submit all application materials in a single pdf to by the deadline to ouri@fau.edu (subject line: Undergraduate Research Grant Application).  When submitting your application please name the file using this format lastnameof applicant_firstnameinitial_Fall2014 

Examples of previously funded grants:

Example 1

Type of Grant:

Grant allocations are categorized based on the following

  1. Individual students engaged in research or creative activity under the mentorship of a FAU faculty member may apply for a grant of up to $500 to support their work.
  2. Group projects, consisting of two or more students working on the same or similar projects under the mentorship of a FAU faculty mentor may apply for a grant of up to $1,000.

Applicants will be asked to identify the maturity of project (Exploratory, Developing or Advanced) to facilitate the review process. Please see Appendix A for definitions. 

Grant Expenditures:

Grant funds must be applied to tangible research expenditures. Applicants should discuss research needs with their faculty mentor before submission of their proposed budget. Any purchases, such as equipment and remaining supplies, must remain at FAU after the project is completed as property of the mentor’s department. Please see Appendix C for budget examples.

Examples of allowable:

  • costs for laboratory, artistic supplies, software and databases, and small equipment that are not readily available in your area/department/college.
  • travel to offsite locations to conduct research, such as archives, libraries, companies,museums, or collections containing materials relating to the research topic;
  • photocopying of research-related materials or purchase of books not otherwise available at or through the University Library.
  • program fee costs associated with a research-intensive study abroad program to include materials and supplies needed to conduct the research abroad.

Examples of non-allowable expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • costs associated with attendance or presentations at professional meetings;
  • stipends, living expenses, tuition or laboratory fees of the grant recipient;
  • research costs normally associated with department/college budgets (e.g., computers or laptops for use at FAU);
  • costs associated with the external funding of the student’s faculty advisor for research in the same general area;
  • the hiring of assistants or other external services;
  • lessons or costs associated with professional development. 

Grant Period:

Funds associated with the Undergraduate Research Grant must be spent within one year from the date the grant is awarded. The project can continue past this date.

Judging criteria:

All grants will be judged by a panel of faculty, staff and students who will evaluate the merit of the proposal based on an evaluation rubric (see also Appendix E):

1.  Strength of Proposal- Proposals must be clear, concise, and understandable for reviewers from varying disciplines (broad backgrounds). Strong proposals should also meet the following criteria:

    • Clear focus on research question or scholarly problem addressed in this study: The grant explicitly states what the project will accomplish. There is a clear central idea, hypothesis, or objective.
    • If a group project is selected, each group member must have a clear role/task supporting the overall research question(s).
    • Background theory: provides an evaluation of previous work conducted in the area related to the question or the problem.
    • Sound methodology: Methodology clearly conveys the steps that will achieve the purpose of this project and how data/information will be obtained. 
    • Contribution to the field or discussion of potential impact: There is an explanation of the importance of the proposed project, “in the big scheme of things” the value of the project’ impact
    • The project’s contribution of an original, intellectual, or creative work to the discipline

2.  Timeline/Plan of Work- The student outlines the time necessary to complete the project successfully. It is justified that the project can be reasonably completed in that time (including allocating time for research compliance requirements), and that the student will present at a FAU Undergraduate Research Symposium.

3.  Appropriateness of Budget - The requested budget is justified and necessary for the completion of the project. The budget provides detail associated with what will be purchased (item and quantity) and an explanation of the needs evidenced by the methodology section, as well as detail on where and how the funds will be spent (see Appendix C for samples).

4.  Faculty Mentor’s Letter - The mentor endorses the project and the merit of the student conducting the project, and assures the reviewers that no other funds exist for parts/all of the project. The mentor provides appropriate research compliance information as it applies to this project.

Research Compliance:

Undergraduate Research and scholarly projects may require compliance to meet state and federal regulations.  Grant funds cannot be released until all research compliance issues are satisfied.  Please refer to Appendix B for more information.  Please keep in mind that some research compliance issues may take 6 - 8 weeks to be resolved.

We highly suggest students conducting any research or scholarly activities participate in CITI – the Collaborative Inter-Institutional Training Initiative  training.  This provides access to courses that are designed to be used by institutions and organizations to provide comprehensive training in a variety of areas such as Institutional Review Board (IRB), Good Clinical Practices, Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and other areas. (content borrowed from the FAU DOR website).

Award Notification:

Within one month to six weeks of the closing date of the Undergraduate Research grant application, grant awardees will be notified by an email sent to both the student and faculty mentor. Grant funds will be released to the department of the FAU faculty member for disbursement once all research compliance issues have been resolved. It is expected that compliance issues be addressed in a timely manner (within 2 months of the award notification).

Grant Recipient Requirements:

Individuals awarded grants must:

  1. Be able to complete the project as an enrolled undergraduate at FAU.
  2. Present this work at a FAU Undergraduate Research Symposium.
  3. Participate in pre- and post-grant award surveys regarding experience of research/scholarly activity project.
  4. Reference the grant in future presentations and/or publications resulting from this work.  

Application Materials:  Submit all application materials in a single pdf to by the deadline to ouri@fau.edu (subject line: Undergraduate Research Grant Application).  When submitting your application please name the file using this format lastnameof applicant_firstnameinitial_Fall2014 


For questions about this program or the QEP, please email ouri@fau.edu.

This program is part of our University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) efforts at expanding a culture of undergraduate research and inquiry at FAU.



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