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OURI, in collaboration with the FAU Library, is pleased to offer the following workshops during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.  Encourage your friends to join you as well!  If there are additional workshops you would like for us to offer please email us at


Other FAU Workshops:
University Libraries Workshop schedule 
Graduate College Responsible Conduct in Research workshops 

Spring 2017 Boca Raton Workshop Schedule: 

How to Get Started in Research and Inquiry:   Located on the Boca Raton Campus, GS conference room 214B        

  • January 20th at 11-12pm  (Note: Room Change:  GS 214A)               
  • January 24th at 3-4pm  (VC to Davie: LA150; VC to Jupiter: AD 204)                     
  • February 13th at 10-11am (VC to Davie: LA150; VC to Jupiter: SR 200) 
  • February 27th at 2-3pm  (VC to Davie: LA150; VC to Jupiter: SR 270)                  
  • March 2nd at 1-2pm  (VC to Davie: LA150; VC to Jupiter: SR 200)                              
  • March 13th at 2-3pm  (VC to Davie: LA150; VC to Jupiter: SR 200)                        
  • April 14th at 10-11am  (VC to Davie: LA139; VC to Jupiter: AD 204)                        

Creating an Oral and Poster  Presentation:  Located on the Boca Raton Campus, GS conference room 214B

  • January 20th at 10-11am
  • March 17th at 10-11am (VC to Davie: LA148; VC to Jupiter: AD 206)
  • March 17th at 2-3pm (VC to Davie: LA148; VC to Jupiter: AD 206)

Research Ethics:  Located on the Boca Raton Campus, GS conference room 214B

  • February 20th at 10-11am (VC to Davie LA 150; Jupiter SR 270)
  • March 20th at 2-3 pm (VC to Davie LA 150; Jupiter AD 204)

Planning for Graduate School : location TBD

  • April 12th at 1-2pm 

Attending a Conference:

  •  TBD

Davie and Jupiter Workshops: TBD




Workshop Descriptions

How to Get Started in Research and Inquiry :   This workshop, offered each Month, will discuss the beginning steps on how to get started in undergraduate research and inquiry, including what is research, how to get involved in research and inquiry, how to contact faculty members, and much more! 

Research Ethics:Here students will learn about the projects that need to have research compliance through the Division of Research and the roads to take in order to conduct ethical research. 

Statistical Significance and Effect Size; Beyond p-value:   Statistical arguments need to contain more than a single number and whether that number exceeds an arbitrary threshold.  The purpose of this presentation is to highlight misconceptions of the p-value, and how effect size provides additional and pertinent information relating to a research question.  The outcome of the presentation for research assistants would be an increased ability in interpreting research results.  Graduate students and faculty may also benefit through a better understanding of the factors that should be considered in a research initiative.

Creating a Poster and Oral Presentation:  Students will be assisted in the process of creating a poster and oral research presentation, just in time for the annual OURI Undergraduate Research Symposium! 

How to Write a Manuscript: Topics will include formatting of scientific research manuscripts, peer-reviewed versus non-peer reviewed journals, tips from going from a presentation to a publication, introduction to the peer-review process, revising and resubmitting, impact factors, and more.
Attending a Conference: Topics will include identifying appropriate conferences in your discipline, submitting an abstract, funding opportunities, getting the most from your conference experience, networking, and representing your institution.
University Libraries: FAU’s Library hosts a variety of workshops that can assist throughout the research process such as conducting a literature review, APA help and much more! View the spring schedule here!