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OURI Marketing Assistant Needed!

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) serves as a centralized support office for FAU faculty, staff and students who are engaged in undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activities. OURI needs assistance with a variety of graphic design and marketing projects to expand the visibility of undergraduate research and inquiry initiative on all FAU campuses. Some responsibilities include, but are not limited to, creating and distributing marketing materials (brochures, banners, posters, etc.), participate in planning meetings, and assist with organization and marketing of events and programs the office hosts. There is no tuition waiver associated with this position. Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible. To apply, click here and locate the position titled “OURI Marketing Graduate Assistant”! 

Hey Student Researchers! Join CSI Today!

Did you know there is a club for students like you? The Council for Scholarship and Inquiry (CSI) at FAU is a student organization which is open to all FAU students in any department. In CSI, undergraduate researchers meet to:

  • share their common experiences
  • brainstorm how to overcome research-related hurdles
  • learn about finding sources
  • help each other turn the research experience into even bigger professional opportunities.

In addition, there are great leadership positions within this organization that will give you leadership experience that grad schools and future empl oyeBoulais_Ors expect. To join, or just get more information, please visit the CSI website HERE and/or contact CSI President, Michelle Shanefield at

Congratulations to Julian Gomez and Research Team!

Congratulations to a team of six FAU students that were awarded a $1000 materials grant from NASA to compete this year in the “NASA Florida Space Grant Hybrid Motor Rocket Competition.” Julian Gomez, a Mechanical Engineering student, is leading a team of three other Mechanical Engineering students, Patrick Hawkins, Justin Koenig, Jake Adams, and two math students, David Russo and Rebecca Grim, who will all compete in NASA’s competition. Erik Lundberg (Assistant Professor of Mathematics at FAU) is the team’s faculty advisor. The students will build two rockets; one to compete for highest maximum altitude and another to compete for closest to 2000 feet as the maximum altitude (apogee). While modifying the rocket design, they plan to model the flight and apogee using software, statistical data, and wind tunnel tests.

Congratulations Arianna Gagnon!

Arianna has been leading a research effort in Dr. Daniel T. de Lill’s lab to develop a new chemosensor for metal ion detection. She presented her work as an oral presentation at the Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SERMACS) on October 17. Arianna won first place in the Analytical Chemistry Division! 
Congratualtions Oceane Boulais!

 Oceane applied for the Power and Energy Society Scholarship Plus Initiative Program for IEEE. With a letter of recommendation from OURI’s own Dr. Chamely-Wiik, Oceane was a chosen scholar along with 185 recipients out of the entire U.S. and Canada. As well as funding, Oceane also will receive internships and co-ops in her field every summer!

Congratulations Carly Wagner!

Carly Wagner participated in the joint Civil Engineering-Geoscience DTD Grant of Dan Meeroff and Pete Scarlatos. Over the summer Carly went on the FAU Study Abroad Program to Venice, Italy. While there, Wagner participated in a group project measuring salinity levels in the canals of Venice. Upon returning to FAU, Wagner continued measuring salinity levels, produced and presented a poster at the South Florida GIS EXPO and won the second prize! Congratulations Carly! 
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