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OURI displays student research in FAU libraries 

The newest showcase from 2013 is now on display on the Jupiter Campus and will be there until May 2, 2014. 

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Meet our 2013-2014 Mentors!

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry welcome aboard our 2013-2014 peer mentors.  The Peer Mentoring Program is designed to provide support to undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing research and inquiry.  Our peer mentors are 10 wonderful undergraduate and graduate students who represent active researchers and role models from FAU's colleges and partner campuses. If you are interested in participating in undergraduate research or have questions related to how you can get involved please email (by clicking on their name) one of the mentors in your college to set up a time to meet.  Mentors are available to meet on the  Boca Raton  (GS 209),  Davie  (Education and Science building, room 214), and  Jupiter  (Library (LB) lobby / All night study area) Campus! 


Daniel G. Bauer   (dbauer9@fau.edu)

Major:  Public Financing

Research Interests : My research interests are in Public Financing, Green Technology, Procurement, Behavioral Finance, Big Infrastructure Global Public-Private Partnerships, Program Evaluation, and Business and Social Entrepreneurialism.

Favorite Hobbies: I enjoy traveling and believe it or not - being involved as a decision maker in pressure-packed environments in the business and public sector. I just love that! 


Arely Baugh   (abaugh2@fau.edu)      

Major:  Women's Studies

Career goals and Research Interests : My academic goal is to pursue more graduate education in the fields of Psychology and Women’s Studies and to conduct interdisciplinary research that bridges these disciplines by finding areas of interconnection. 

Favorite Hobbies: playing outside with my husband and our pet-kids, painting while listening to good music, sports, and methodically cleaning and/or organizing.


Alexander Bruno    (abruno10@fau.edu)            

Major:  Philosophy

Career goals and Research Interests : I consider myself a very inquisitive individual and I am amazed at the possibilities which exist for research in my particular field.  My goal is to grab any and every opportunity offered, as I forge to acquire greater knowledge.

Favorite Hobby:   With a passion for understanding civilization/society, systems and cultures/peoples, my passion for research in those fields can be considered my ultimate hobby. 


Timothy Foo    (tfoo@fau.edu)      

Major:  Chemistry

Career goals and Research Interests : My research interests include the field of biophysical chemistry, more specifically, studying the biochemical properties of heme enzymes using resonance Raman spectroscopy. My career goals include becoming the principle investigator of my own laboratory in academia.

Favorite Hobbies: I enjoy learning more about science and life; as well as teaching and helping others. 


Colton Griffith   (griffthc2012@fau.edu)

Major:  Elementary Education   (Davie Campus)

Research Interests: My research interests are geared toward the factors that will impact the world of childhood education. I'm currently researching how to recruit and retain males/minority males in the education field.

Favorite Hobbies:  In my free time I enjoy training in the art of wing chun kung fu and learning to play guitar and bass guitar.


William Nolan    (wnolan4@fau.edu)                             

Major:  Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests : My research interests include renewable energy systems, focusing primarily on harnessing the power of wind.

Favorite Hobbies: Outside of class, I enjoy relaxing on the beach and boating. 


Melannie Pineda   (mpineda4@fau.edu)           

Major:  Developmental Psychology

Career goals and Research Interests : I am interested in emotional development in infancy and mother-child interactions. Upon graduation, I would like to teach at the University level. 

Favorite Hobbies: In my free time I enjoy traveling, cooking and gardening. 


Anthony Planas   (aplanas2@fau.edu)                  

Major:  Biology

Research Interests:  I am currently conducting research and presenting my project at conferences on the predatory habits of the invasive exotic Cuban Treefrog.

Favorite Hobbies:  As a Florida native I enjoy all things involving our beautiful water ways, such as SCUBA and free-diving!


Elizabeth Tranquil    (etranqui@fau.edu)      

Major:  Biology  (Jupiter Campus)

Career goals and Research Interests:  My research interests and career goals relate to doing work in translational neuroscience research that can be applied to help patients with neurological diseases.

Favorite Hobby:  When I'm not in the research lab, I like exploring Florida by going on road trips with my friends.


Brittani Wright     (bwrigh23@fau.edu)   

Major:  Graphic Design

Career goal:  It is a dream to have my own design firm, and my research interests are mainly involved with art and technology, and how society interacts with the two. Through visual journals, catalogues, logo identities and other design-related projects, I am constantly exploring new ways that I can engage my viewer's interests more effectively through good design.

Favorite Hobbies: I love taking photos, sketching and exploring new ways of designing compositions. Besides art-related activities and events, I also enjoy being outdoors. Since I am normally indoors at work or at school, the beach or the park are very relaxing places to me.





Application information for the 2013-2014 academic year.

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