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Biology Division Student Travel Awards

Grant Deadline: August 29, 2014 by 5:00 p.m.

FIU McNair Scholars Conference Abstract

Abstract Deadline: September 1, 2014

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Second Annual Summer Retreat

On August 12, 2014 our office hosted our second Annual Summer Retreat. Both President John Kelly and Provost Gary Perry attended our event and had a wonderful speech. Overall it was a success with approximately over 80 guests that included students, faculty and administrators. A thank you is extended to all that attended our event.

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Distinction through Discovery Undergraduate Curriculum Grants Program

Faculty and Staff at the Summer RetreatThe Distinction through Discovery Undergraduate Curriculum Grant Program provides seed funding for the incorporation of research and inquiry practices into undergraduate incorporating research and inquiry at the course, program, college, or university level upper-division curricula. The Distinction through Discovery Curriculum Committee encourages departments and programs to take a holistic, programmatic approach. Review criteria to be considered for full proposal invitations include:
  • Articulate how the curricular changes fit into the mission of the department(s) or program(s).
  • Explain how the curricular changes will result in high-quality research and inquiry experiences for the program(s) and undergraduate students.
  • Clearly demonstrate support for undergraduate scholarship.
  • Lead to the achievement of the Distinction through Discovery student learning outcomes (seen below) 
The committee encourages programs across the entire university to apply. The proposal process starts with the initial pre-proposal phase. Reviewers will evaluate the pre-proposals, and those selected can move forward to the full proposal phase.
Questions related to the curriculum grant program should be directed to Dr. Donna Chamely-Wiik at dchamely@fau.edu or 561-297-1019. 


Distinction through Discovery Student Learning Outcomes

The Distinction through Discovery Student Learning Outcomes which research and inquiry incorporate are:

SLO 1: Knowledge.  Students will demonstrate content knowledge, core principles, and skills.
SLO 2: Formulate Questions.  Students will formulate research questions, scholarly or creative problems with integration of fundamental principles and knowledge in a manner appropriate to the discipline.
SLO 3: Plan of Action.   Students will develop and implement a plan of action to address research and inquiry questions or scholarly problems.
SLO 4: Critical Thinking.   Students will apply critical thinking skills to evaluate information, their own work, and the work of others.
SLO 5: Ethical Conduct.   Students will identify significant ethical issues in research and inquiry and/or address them in practice.

SLO 6: Communication.   Students will convey all aspects of their research and inquiry (processes and/or products) in appropriate formats, venues, and delivery modes.   

Funding Levels:

We are in the process of revising our funding levels for the 2014-2015 curriculum grants cycle.  Grants will most likely range from $500 for a single assignment to $20,000 for cross-college collaborations.  Please check back soon. 

Timeline for Curriculum Grants Program 

Pre-Proposal Deadline:  Wednesday, October 1st, at 5:00pm
Pre-proposals selection for full proposal submission: Mid November, 2014 
Distinction through Discovery workshops: Spring 2015 
Full proposals due: May 15th, 2015
Full proposals selection:early July 

Pre-Proposal Information

Faculty submitting pre-proposals who are invited to submit a full proposal will be asked to participate in a Distinction through Discovery workshop in the spring to assist with development of the full proposal.  We are in the process of revising our application for the 2014-2015 cycle.

2013-2014 Pre-Proposal Evaluation Form (this will change)
2013-2014 Online Application Form (this will change)

Curriculum Grant Full Proposal Guidelines 

We are in the process of revising our application for the 2014-2015 cycle.  

You can view the 2013-2014 Curriculum Grant Guidelines for last year's details and expectations of the full proposal.  Format for submission: Proposals must be single spaced, with a font size no smaller than 11-point; minimum 1-inch margins; tables and figure legends can be in 10-point font size. Complete applications should include the following:

2. Proposal Narrative: Maximum four (4) pages. 
3. Curriculum Inventory (also called curriculum map)
5. Budget and Resources: Maximum two (2) pages. 
6. Timeline: Maximum one (1) page. 
7. Sustainability: Maximum one (1) page. 
8. Letter(s) of support
9. Research Compliance Documentation (if applicable): Maximum one (1) page.
Online resources have been provided below, under "Additional Resources", to assist applicants complete their Full Proposals.   

Curriculum Grants Program Previous Awardees

In June 2014, proposals from teams of faculty across the university submitted excellent proposals to our program.  These proposals were reviewed by faculty, staff, and student evaluators. The following eight projects have been awarded Distinction through Discovery Curriculum Grants for the 2014-2015 academic year:

  1. Drs. Ann Branaman, Mark Harvey, Phillip Hough, and Gina Carreno from the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters
  2. Dr. Susannah Brown from the College of Education
  3. Drs. Patricia Heydet-Kirsch, Lori Dassa, Jan Andrew, Barbara Ridener, and Robert Shockley from the College of Education

These faculty are currently working with the Distinction through Discovery (DTD) committee to effectively integrate research and inquiry practices and the student learning outcomes of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) into their courses. 

Additional Resources

Two essential parts of full proposals are the curriculum inventory and course plan worksheets.  The following resources will assist you in completing these documents.

Curriculum Inventory

Course Plan Worksheet

Additional Resources 

Introduction to the Curriculum Grants Program meeting- video recording 





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