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John O’Sullivan Memorial Lecture Series

Past Lectures:


           2016 Ambassador Robert "Skipp" Orr "The Evolution of a U.S. Ambassador:  Policy and Perspective in  a Global Age"


        2015 Allida M. Black "Eleanor Roosevelt and the Battle for Human Rights:  1945 to the Present" 


        2014 Christopher R. Browning "Hitler and the Decisions for the Final Solution" 


2013 Jeffrey Morton "The Role of Diplomacy in 20th Century American Foreign Policy"

2012: Lizabeth Cohen "Consuming Our Way to Recovery"

2011: Jacob Hamblin "The Nuclear Promise: Global Consequences of an American Dream"

2010: Robert Goldberg "Enemies Within: The Conspiracy Culture of Modern America

2009: Thomas W. Zeiler "The Greatest Generation in A Good War?: A New Look at Wartime America

2008: Wilson D. Miscamble "Harry S. Truman, The Bomb, and the Transformation of the U.S. Foreign Policy" "Watch on C-Span!"

2007: Nancy F. Cott: “Revisiting the Jazz Age”
(Printed copies available by request.)

2006: Glenda Gilmore :"The Nazis and Dixie: African Americans, Jewish Americans, and Fascism, 1933-1939"
(Printed copies available by request.)

2005: David Goldfield: "Religion and Politics: An American Tradition"
(Printed copies available by request.)

2004: Timothy Naftali: "Blind Spot: Secret History of U.S. Counterterrorisim"

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