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Office for Students with Disabilities


at Florida Atlantic University

An Informational Brochure from the
Office for Students with Disabilities
Division of Student Affairs



Welcome to the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). The mission of the OSD at FAU is to support students with disabilities in their pursuit of equity and excellence in education. The OSD works with FAU faculty and staff to en ure that reasonable accommodations are provided to allow this population o fstudents an equal opportunity to learn in the classroom setting and to have access to all areas of FAU campuses. The OSD fosters student self-advocacy and the development of compensatory skills that support independent learning.


All students interested in attending FAU should contact the Office of Admissions at 561.297.3040. Students applying to FAU with questions about the admissions process as it relates to a documented disability should discuss this matter with FAU's admissions staff. Students with disabilities submit their admissions applications in the same way as all other students. After students with disabilities have been accepted to FAU, they may then register with the OSD.


The student must complete and submit an Application for Support Services to OSD.

The student must provide official documentation of the disability to the OSD.

Once the application and documentation have been reviewed, an OSD counselor contacts the student to set up an intake interview. The student meets with the OSD counselor to discuss the disability. Appropriate support services are then determined and accommodations are activated based upon this discussion and the student's documentation.


IIt is the student's responsibility to provide official documentation of a disability from a qualified professional. Documentation must be on letterhead, signed and dated by the diagnostician with a clearly explained, definitive diagnosis of the disability and include appropriate testing results. The diagnostician must specify the degree of current functional loss, the current functional limitations of the disability (with comments as to the degree of effect in a classroom setting) and make recommendation for possible accommodations. If medications are taken, these should be listed as well as any potential side effects.

Doctor's prescription pad notes will NOT be accepted.

All documentation, files, and students' names are kept confidential and are not released to anyone without the student's prior written permission. Documentation information is not a part of the student's official University record.

Student with a temporary medical condition
may be granted services on a provisional basis as long as the condition affects the student academically. Provisional status may also be implemented if the documentation verifies the disability, but is missing an essential component or needs updating (providing the student has previously received services).

For more information about documentation for your disability, please request the OSD brochure, "Documentation Guidelines"


Students who register with the OSD are eligible for accommodations and support services determined by their documentation in an interactive process between student and OSD counselor. Students who request accommodations must present this request for services in sufficient time for the University to coordinate these services. Some services may require a minimum of two weeks notice to arrange. Our office recommends that students request services prior to the beginning of the semester.

The following is a list of some available support services:

• Advocacy
• Advice on classroom accommodations
• Liaison to faculty
• Professor notification
• Readers
• Notetakers/audio record classes
• Equipment loan
• Sign language interpreters
• Exam adaptations
• Enlarged print materials
• Study strategy instruction
• Access to campus classrooms and labs, activities, internships and other resources
• Assistive Technology Lab (AT Lab)

The Office for Students with Disabilities serves students under the auspices of the Student Affairs Division in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Office for Students with Disabilities' counselors can provide details about the services listed in this pamphlet and are available to meet with prospective students. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact the Office forStudents with Disabilities by phone, by letter, by e-mail, or in person.


The following is a list of disability categories that may be eligible to receive OSD support services:

Asperger's Syndrome/High Functioning Autism
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Learning Disability
Medical Impairment
Physical/Mobility Impairment
Psychological Disorder
Speech Impairment
Traumatic Brain Injury
Visual Impairment



Boca Raton Campus

777 Glades Road, SU Room 133

Boca Raton, FL 33431

tel: 561.297.3880     fax: 561.297.2184

tty: 561.297.0358



Broward Campuses

3200 College Avenue, LA Room 203

Davie, FL33314

tel: 954.236.1222     fax: 954.236.1123



Jupiter Campus

(Diversity Student Services)

5353 Parkside Drive, SR Room 117

Jupiter, FL33458

tel: 561.799.8585     fax: 561.799.8721

tty: 561.799.8565

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