Online Learning

Many FAU courses make use of interactive online learning tools.  At FAU, the most commonly used are MyFAU Course Tools, and Blackboard.  You should check with your instructor to find out if he or she plans to use any of these tools.


MyFAU ( has a course tools channel that provides access to basic communication and file sharing tools.  All students enrolled in a course automatically have access to the channel and should see their course listed.  If you have problems logging into MyFAU or if your courses are not listed, please contact the Help Desk.


Blackboard ( is an interactive, online learning tool which provides communication tools similar to those in MyFAU but also allows you to view course content (files, video Powerpoint slides), take tests, participate in online discussions with fellow students and more.  Some courses are taught entirely online, but many more make use of Blackboard to augment classroom time.  Click here for Blackboard browser recommendations and other tips.

 Last Modified 11/8/16