Rules & Guidelines

General Rules

  1. There will be no admittance into the lab 15 minutes prior to closing time. Users should be prepared to leave the lab 10 minutes before posted closing time in order that the doors can be locked at closing time.

  2. Users must supply their own removable media (CDs, USB drives, etc.). Anything stored on the PC that does not belong to FAU will be deleted at the end of the session.

  3. Any manuals or reference materials must be checked out with the lab assistant and may not leave the lab at any time.

  4. Any problems with programming should be referred to the respective professor.

  5. Absolutely no food or drinks are allowed in the lab.

  6.  Loud/abusive language or non-compliance with any of the above rules will be considered grounds for revoking the user's lab privileges. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. Non-compliance with the rules may also result in referral to the Dean of Student Affairs, or in extreme cases, to the University Police.

  7. FAU enforces statute 847.0135, the "Computer Pornography and Child Exploitation Prevention Act of 1986."


FAU has launched a new printing solution that will allow students to print from anywhere from almost any device. Students can add funds to their printing account and use these funds on both copiers and printers that are part of the solution. Please visit FAU Printing Services to get started.


Charges for Non-Curriculum Based Activities

        Half day:     $ 200
        Full day:      $ 300
        Per week:   $1000

NOTE: There will be a $100 charge for installing additional software for these events.


Acquiring an FAUNet ID and Password

  1. Users must have an FAUNet ID to use the open labs.
  2. First time students should follow our Getting Started instructions.
  3. If a user loses their password, they must bring their student ID to the lab during normal business hours. The lab assistant will then assist the user in obtaining a new password. Lab assistants cannot login users who do not have their password.


Office of Information Technology (OIT) is responsible for securing its network and computing systems against unauthorized access and/or abuse, while making the systems accessible for authorized and legitimate users. This responsibility includes informing users of expected standards of conduct and the punitive measures for not adhering to the standards.

Any attempt to violate the provisions of these policies will result in disciplinary action in the form of temporary revocation of user accounts, regardless of the success or failure of the attempt. Permanent revocations can result from disciplinary actions taken by a panel judiciary board called upon to investigate network abuses. (See sections 6C5-4.008 (3) “Procedures Used in University Judicial System Hearings” and section 6C5-7.007 “Disruptive Conduct” of the FAU Student Handbook.)

Users of the network are responsible for respecting and adhering to local, state, federal and international laws. Any attempt to break those laws through the use of the network may result in litigation against the offender by the proper authorities. If such an event should occur, OIT will fully cooperate with the authorities to provide any information necessary for the litigation process.

For a complete copy of all existing policies, view OIT's Technology Policies.


 Last Modified 11/8/16