What are Clickers?

Clickers are a tool that allows instructors to create questions to evaluate class comprehension or retention of complex material and create an interactive learning experience by polling students. Students enter their responses into a wireless keypad that looks like a remote control, providing instantaneous assessment feedback that enables instructors to confidently move forward with material or step back and review, closely tailoring the lecture to the students' needs.  They are especially useful in large lecture classes.

Clickers are sometimes referred to as a Student Response System, Personal Response System or Classroom Response System.



Florida Atlantic University has standardized on the i>clicker software/hardware platform, which means that students only need to purchase one device from the bookstore which they can then reuse in any of their classes that utilize clickers or sell back when they're done using it. 

i>clicker software works seamlessly with all applications (including PowerPoint, Keynote, Adobe, Word and websites), enabling instructors to prepare their questions (in advance or on the fly) within the tools that they're already using and poll students at any point during their lecture.  It also integrates with Blackboard and Canvas, allowing students to register their clickers online and response data to be uploaded into the grade center.

Getting Started

Instructors can use i>clickers in any classroom as long as they have a computer or laptop available. 

Faculty who wish to use clickers should:

  • Contact FAU's i>clicker rep, Mandy Gunnell (amanda.gunnell@macmillan.com or 321-576-2083) to order an instructor kit which includes a portable receiver base (free for instructors), and instructor's remote, a student remote, and instructions for downloading the software. 
  • Inform the bookstore so that clickers can be ordered and listed as a required tool for your class (click here to submit your request online).

Live online training sessions are conducted by i>clicker on an ongoing basis.  To register, visit: http://www.meetme.so/iClicker

Students can purchase their clickers through the campus bookstore or online. 

Integrated i>clicker software for Canvas


Instructor Guide [PDF] (NOTE: Please ignore Step 1 in these instructions)


Using the i>clicker integrate wizard with Blackboard or Canvas

Blackboard Video

Canvas Video



Types of Clickers

Product Description FAU Bookstore Price (New)
i>clicker+ Same old i>clicker, same price, but a new look (with less plastic and 2 batteries) - Spring 2013 release date $42.85
i>clicker2 LCD display so students can see and confirm what they voted, full numeric/alphanumeric functionality (ask open-ended questions), self-paced polling, 2 batteries, instructor's remote has a laser pointer $46.65
REEF Polling by i>clicker This mobile classroom response system that allows students to use their laptop, phone, tablet, etc. to vote in class alongside students using i>clicker remotes. Instead of purchasing a device, students pay a subscription fee for the app. NOTE: You must have sufficient wifi in the classroom.

$10/6 months
$16/12 months

(Note that i>clicker2 can be used in ANY classroom, while i>clicker+ can only be used in classrooms that are limited to asking multiple choice questions. So if you required i>clicker+, your students may have to then purchase an i>clicker2 for another class.)

webclicker NOTE:  i>clickers may also be purchased used (when available) or from other sources at a lower price.  Make sure to check with your professor to be sure which product they prefer that you buy.


For technical support contact support@iclicker.com or 866-209-5698 (M-F 9am-9pm EST).

i>clicker support portal (search for user guides and FAQs): http://support.iclicker.com/


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