Spamming a Spammer Escalates the Problem

While the Internet and e-mail systems are valuable and essential communication tools, some users insist upon using it as their own personal broadcast medium for distributing advertisements and solicitations. "Spam" is the term used to describe this unsolicited bulk e-mail on the Internet. It includes chain e-mails, pleas for money, get rich quick schemes and other unwanted e-mail.

This type of mass e-mail within the FAU network is against the University's Acceptable Use Policy. If you receive unwanted spam, the most prudent action is simply to delete the e-mail. DO NOT "reply" or, more importantly, DO NOT "reply all" to these messages. A "reply all" response essentially makes you a spammer -- perpetuating the problem.

FAU's OIT department addresses spam from within and outside of the University's networks. There are a number of elements in place to stop spamming, but there are also countless ways work around the systems. New blocking systems elicit new strategies.

More information about spam and the University's efforts to address unsolicited e-mail can be found at Also, if you receive a specific e-mail that appears to be spam and it comes from an "" address, please contact the help desk ( with the e-mail and your concerns.

 Last Modified 11/8/16