Keep Your Identity & Accounts Secure: Don't Give Away Your Password!

From time to time, members of the FAU community receive e-mail that appears to be from FAU -- it might say it's from the "EDU SUPPORT TEAM" or something similar. Those messages then ask for your faunetid, password and date of birth, usually so you can "confirm" your account or keep it active. Such messages are not legitimate and are "phishing" -- attempting to get personal information that the sender can then use for identify theft. Don't fall for these messages!

No legitimate entity would ask for this information via an e-mail. A legitimate organization, such as your bank or FAU, already knows your faunetid, and most likely date of birth. They would have no need to ask for it.

OIT does do account audits for department and courtesy account, but when we do we ask only that you let us know you are still using the account. What's more, you will see that the e-mail is coming from an address at FAU: If the address does not end in "" it is not from FAU.

It is a smart practice to never provide personal information in an e-mail. Lastly, FAU would never ask for someone's faunetid and password via e-mail.

For more information on phishing and keeping your personal information secure, go to the OIT Network and Security site ( and the OIT News security edition (

 Last Modified 11/8/16