Network Access

What is Network Access?
Network access refers to your ability log onto the FAU network. The FAU network provides you access to the full Internet, as well as to various FAU resources, such as applications, computer labs, and network drives. The network is secure, which means you need to log onto it in order to use it. The services provided with Network Access are listed below.

How do I activate my Network Access Account?
In most cases your Network access should be automatically activated. If by any chance your account is not active or you don't remember you password, please enter a ticket thru our Online Helpdesk at

How do I change my Network Access Account password?
If you are logged into an FAU computer, you can change your network password by pressing the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys at the same time and clicking on the 'Change Password...' button form the Windows Security window that pops up. 

You can also change your Network Access password thru MyFAU. Once logged into MyFAU, users can access the password reset function by clicking on the ‘My Account’ link in the upper left corner and then clicking on the ‘Change Network Access Password’ link

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 Last Modified 11/8/16