Why FAU Blocks E-mail from Facebook9/8/2006

Update: FAU is no longer blocking e-mail from Facebook (8/28/2007)

FAU has blocked e-mail from Facebook due to the high volume of unsolicited messages that come from that site.  The University considers messages likely to be spam if they are sent from a single address to many FAU users or if there is an extremely high volume of mail from a single source. 

In order to set up an account on Facebook you must provide your University e-mail address.  Facebook then sends an email to your University e-mail account with a link that you must click on to confirm your registration.  Until you have confirmed your registration you cannot log into the account.  According to Facebook, this issue can be resolved by sending a message to info@facebook.com from your University e-mail address (this is required for security purposes).  The message must include your University e-mail address in the subject line and you should then provide them with a different contact e-mail address in your message.

 Last Modified 11/8/16