Computer Configurations

These recommendations are minimum guidelines for providing the best possible support while maintaining acceptable levels of performance with clients' computers throughout the university. Computer recommendations are updated as needed.  

Windows 7 
Dual-Core Processor
Min. 2 GB RAM, 4GB recommended
80+ GB Hard Drive, 250 recommended

Windows 8
1 Gigahertz Processor
Min. 2 GB RAM, 4 GB recommended
80+ GB Hard Drive, 250 recommended

Windows XP w/SP3 (XP Support ends April 2014)
1.5 GHz Processor

1.5 GB RAM (min.)
40+ GB Hard Drive, 120 recommended

Mac OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion
Intel Core Processor required

2 GB RAM (min.)
80+ GB Hard drive

Mac OS X v10.7 Lion
Intel Core Processor required

2 GB RAM (min.)
80+ GB Hard drive

Software manufacturers define the system requirements for their software, which usually include minimum processor (CPU), minimum memory (RAM), and minimum hard disk drive space (HDD). The more powerful the system, usually, the better the performance of the computer and the software.

When OIT posts desktop recommendations, careful consideration is given to user needs for basic functionality, anti-virus, security, multitasking, software used for support, networking, etc. If a computer does not meet the minimum standards, OIT can determine whether a hardware upgrade is possible. If such computers cannot be upgraded,OIT recommends that they be replaced with systems that do meet the minimum standards. If driver compatibility is not available for the OS being requested, OIT will not be able to install the requested OS.

Computers that do not meet the minimum standards can encounter problems, and OIT's ability to support such computers can be hampered. Hence, these computers may not be fully supported, if at all, by OIT when problems arise.

Quotes for New Computer Equipment:

Contact Sean Cunningham, Purchasing, ext. 7-3874    (OIT has worked with Dell for standard & advanced computer configurations. Purchasing can provide you the quotes on these particular systems as well as work with Dell to provide you additional quotes as needed.)

You can also contact Dell directly:

Support Services Provided: 

-           Setup, configure & connect computers with related peripheral equipment
-          Install standard operating system and related FAU supported software, including antivirus software
-          Provide troubleshooting for computer problems: hardware & supported software
-          Setup computers with network access
-          Configure cell phones, transfer data & contacts
-          Set standards and minimum for supported computers
-          Provide troubleshooting for software/hardware related issues
-          Provide limited hardware part replacement for Dell Warranted computers
-          Will consult and advise in advance of moves the requirements for OIT (OIT does not move the equipment for you, but will disconnect/reconnect)