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Computer Classrooms Upgraded on the Davie Campus

Published Wednesday, January 16, 2013
BTS News

As part of OIT’s refresh program, Broward Technology Services (OIT-BTS) has upgraded several instructional computer classrooms on the Davie Campus. The upgrades, which took place during the last holiday break, provided three instructional computer classrooms with better equipment and/or new technology. The classroom upgrades will improve the learning environment for the students and professors who use those facilities.

The following is a summary of the improvements:

ES-105 & LA-303F: The PCs at these two locations were replaced with the latest Dell Optiplex 9010. A total of 34 new machines were installed in ES-105 and 28 were installed in LA-303F. These machines are what it is known as “all-in-one”, which means that they integrate a high-definition display panel and powerful computer into one device. That provides more working space on the desks, so that students can place their materials near the machines comfortably . The Dell Optiplex 9010 has 8 GB of memory, 256 GB of hard drive, a 2.7 Core i5 processor, and a 23-inch panel display.

LA-303G: Memory was upgraded to 6 GB. This will significantly improve the performance of the machines.

BTS News

Computer Lab Manager JunJie Hu and his staff worked hard between class breaks to ensure that the instructional computer classrooms did not experience any downtime. If you have any questions about this new equipment or facility, contact JunJie Hu at