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Classrooms Upgraded on the Fort Lauderdale Campus

Thursday, March 8, 2012
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During the past Winter break, Broward Technology Services upgraded four classrooms on the FAU Fort Lauderdale Campus.

One of these upgrades included the merger of two classrooms (AT-419 and AT-420) to create a larger facility, thus filling a great need for that campus. These are the improvements:

  • AT-419 (resulted from the merger of AT-419 and AT-420): This classroom was equipped with new state-of-the-art digital technology. This technology included a digital switcher, two 4000 lumens projectors, two 16:9 wide projection screens, true stereo sound system, a Sympodium, a document cam, and a push button desktop controller.

  • HE-918: This classroom was upgraded with a new 4000 lumens projector, a 16:9 wide projection screen, a stereo amplifier, and two wall-mounted speakers.

  • AT-507: This classroom was upgraded with a new 4000 lumens projector with HD screen viewing capabilities. All devices in this classroom were configured to use a digital switcher, controlled via a desktop touch panel.

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