Blackboard Service and Help Requests

Blackboard Course Activation

All instructors have automatic access to their respective course sites in Blackboard. You need only log in and make your courses available for students to be able to access them (until you do that students will not see or be able to access the course). Blackboard training is not required but is highly recommended.

For instructions on making your courses available to students, visit (printable document with screen shots) or click here for a video tutorial.

Combining Multiple Sections

If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course, you may request that the sections be combined into one Blackboard course site.  The "Blackboard Combined Course Center" site allows instructors to request combined section course sites.  To access this page, please follow these instructions:

      • Log into Blackboard
      • Click on the "Faculty" tab and you will see a channel called "Blackboard Combined Course Center." 
      • Click on the "Continue" button and a new window will open. 
      • Once you have submitted your request you will receive a confirmation email.

Requesting Help

To request Blackboard support please submit a ticket through the Online Computing Support Center.

Bb Organizations Request

To request an Organization, please submit a ticket through the Online Computing Support Center.

Organizations in Blackboard allow members of university groups and organizations to communicate and collaborate online by sharing documents, using the discussion board and sending e-mail to other members of the organization. Like a Bb course site, a Bb organization site allows authorized members to publish documents, multimedia components and other materials in a secure online environment.  Bb organizations will be granted only to site sponsors.  Site sponsors are deans, department chairs, directors or faculty members who assume responsibility for the organization site content and its use. 

 Last Modified 11/8/16