What are the responsibilities of an organization manager?

Bb Organization manager:

  • Is responsible for enrollment
  • Is responsible for creating and maintaining the Bb Organization in accordance with the wishes of the sponsor(s) and the ITSS guidelines
  • Is responsible for requesting renewal of the Bb Organization site each year
  • Must adhere to FAU's Computing Policies [PDF]
  • Must adhere to all copyright guidelines, including use of University trademarks and seals.
  • Organization managers are solely responsible for their own backups of content posted to Blackboard.
  • Blackboard administrators may contact the Organization Manager periodically to confirm that the Organization is still active.

Bb Organization user:

  • Is responsible for protecting the privacy of group members
  • Must adhere to FERPA codes regarding the release of any student information (e.g., roster, e-mail, etc.)
  • All members or an organization that is using Blackboard must be members of the university community. This is not available for use with colleagues outside of the university.

Bb Organization sponsor:

  • Assumes responsibility for Bb Organization site contents
  • Can request the removal of the Bb Organization at any time

Blackboard Administrators:

  • May suspend a Bb Organization's inclusion in Bb at any time for inappropriate use or for system-performance issues
  • May monitor a site to resolve support issues at any time
  • May revise these policies at any time

What are the responsibilities of an organization manager?

By requesting an organizational site, the organization manager/leader acknowledges the following rights and responsibilities:

  • Manage enrollment in the organization.   (Organization enrollment is limited to FAU faculty, staff and students who have an active FAUNet ID).
  • By default, when a leader enrolls a member in an organizational site, the member's role is "participant." If necessary, leaders may change the role of a participant so that he or she may assist in managing the site.  (In this case the organization leader would be responsible for training the users who will assist in managing the site).
  • Determine whether guest access should be granted to the organizational site. Guests may view content areas within the site as designated by the leader. They may not participate in discussion forums or send e-mail through the organization’s Blackboard site.
  • Ensure that inappropriate or illegal materials are not posted.
  • Ensure that materials posted on the site are not in violation of copyright law.
  • Manage the amount of content posted on the site in a responsible fashion. All organizations have a disk space quota, currently set to 500MB. Note that the maximum size of a single file upload is limited to 20MB.

How do you get a Bb Organization site?

The Bb Organization site sponsor -- a dean, department chair, director, or faculty member -- may request a site by placing a Service Request on the Computer Support Center site.


 Last Modified 11/8/16